Should I really not text him?

Here lately...the guy I like hasn't been texting me like he was a couple weeks ago. He's in the Marine Corps.. and I know he's busy with that..but there are times where I see that he puts up a bunch of random posts on Facebook, and comments EVERYONE back..he has time to do that, but not text me? I haven't mentioned that..because I don't want him to know I Facebook creep sometimes. lol. Everyone tells me I need to wait, and not text him. "Give him time to miss you", "Let him text you first." etc.. I haven't texted him since yesterday morning..and he hasn't said anything to me since then. But, then I read different things saying "Don't play hard to get" "Keep texting him" etc. But, I've also heard that guys don't enjoy being chased..they like doing the chasing? UGHHH..rules..they suck.


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  • there are no rules. one text couldn't hurt you. if he doesn't respond then don't press it. who knows mabey he's tryng to make you miss him? go for it. you can't posibly text as much as my last girlfriend. and if he doesn't respond that doesn't really mean anything. I personaly don't like to text or call my girlfriend when I'm away from her, its just a teaser compared to seeing her in real person you kno? text him. besides that's what girls are supposed to do, text and gossip on Facebook :)

    just ask him how his day went or somthing. and if he doesn't respond its no biggy

    • haha.. you just made my night. :P You really think so? I won't look desperate or like I'm chasing him?

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    • Haha..I'm sure I've already looked desperate to him. I have gotten mad but only because he'll say he's busy, and then go on Facebook. Sometimes he'll post up lyrics, or something lately its been that he thinks being in the Corps is a waste of his time, and he's done with it, etc. I've posted a bunch of stuff on here about him. lol. We've been friends online for over two years..he had been mentioning me visiting..and here lately he's just been acting weird. I'm scared he may lose interest

    • umm I'm just gona throw this out there you may not wanna text it depending on the details of your relationship I won't ask you about but try askin him about one of his workouts for corp and then say you wanna watch him work out or somthing? the trick is getting him to want to text u. and also long distance is really hard

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