How can I win her over from another guy?

OK, before I even begin I already know what some people are gonna say. And the thing is I agree. If a girl has a boyfriend or if she's taken it's best to just leave it alone and move on. I agree completely. But this is different.

I've known this girl for many years. I can't really say that we're the best of friends because our friendship has been on and off for awhile. And what I mean by that is.. there has been times where we didn't even speak or seen each other for months or even years but we still kept in contact once in awhile... But it wasn't until this year where I made a move and started to talk to her more and established a connection with her.

She is the girl of my dreams. We're so compatible with each other in many ways. every time I hang out with her we always flirt, cuddle, I kiss her all over her neck and face. I joke around with her. I always romance her with my words... and she has even told me that I make her feel really special. She also told me that I'm very special to her. So I'm started to feel that feelings may be starting to develop. because honestly chemistry is definitely there. I can feel it. And even tho we're "just friends" I treat her as if she's my girl. I recently took her to an amusement park (just the two of us) and had a great time with each other.. Then I later found out that after that day she kept talking to her friends about how much fun her and I had and all the fun things we did... And the thing is she talked to her friends about it so much that her friends were getting annoyed of hearing her talking about it the whole time. Is this a good sign that she starting to like me? But anyways, the problem lies with this other guy that she's dating. They're not in a relationship and she doesn't considers him as a boyfriend just yet. T

I honestly believe that she's the one hey just started dating. And the good thing is they hardly hang out so I can use that to my advantage. So anyways, my question is can I win this girl over before I lose her completely to another guy who is just not right for her..?

What should I do?

Something I forgot to mention. This girl already knows how I feel about her. And yesterday when we were hanging out she told me if she wasn't dating the guy she's with, she'd definitely date me...that being said. what can I do to make that happen?...this is stressing me out a little bit..


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  • tell her how you feel cause if you guys already are like that then let her know you want to be with her

  • I don't get any of this.

    If you two have chemistry what the h*ll is going on here? Something is not right in this mix.

    If I knew a guy really liked me and we hung out and he treated me like I was his girl, there is no way I would be dating someone else. And, you, what are you doing? Instead of asking her out on dates you are worrying about the quality of some other guy she is dating. Who cares? If she really liked you more than friends, she would NEVER date another guy.

    Seriously, I don't think this girl wants to date you. I think she is enjoying your companionship and she likes you but you are not her #1 choice. Sorry to be harsh. People do this. They string others along while they are waiting for Prince Charming to come along. It sucks.

    So, again, just ask her out for a date. If she really does like you now she will start dating you and stop dating him. Anything less than that and she just isn't feeling it the way you hope.


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