He said he would call but didn't?

I've met this guy a few weeks ago whilst I was out. Since then we've been texting almost everyday. He said he's into me and we've arranged to go on a date. Now I know I'm completely over analyzing this but hey that's what girls do! He said he would call me the other day but then he said his mates just come round and is upset so he will call me the next day... Fair enough! Then the next day he said he's just eating dinner and would call me in a hour... This time nothing, no excuse, no call. Anyone got any suggestions for this? And yes I know I'm over analyzing but my imagination is driving me crazy!


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  • Ooooh I can't stand when guys do that.

    Well I have no like actual reasons why he may do this but I don't know it happened to me with the last boyfriend I had.

    I mean wth I wasn't being too clingy or needy..giving him his space and he still never called when he said he would.

    Sooo I just stopped calling him to give him the good taste of the sun flower seeds.

    Shortly after he was the one to hit ME up instead.

    My advice to you is just stop calling and soon enough if he likes you that much he'll call you...

    If he doesn't...time to find someone else.

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