What is the big deal with first kisses?

My friend Emily always tells me that I need to get my first kiss and find a boyfriend. Then, my mom brought up first kisses the other day and said I will be so nervous when it happens. I don't think I will because kissing sounds easy. I've thought about getting my best friend Jaryn to kiss me so I can just get it over with. I don't think he would mind because he had a crush on me when we first met.

Seriously, what is the big deal?


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  • I think it's all perspective and the attitude you take into it. My first kiss was completely unexpected and happened completely organically. Although in hindsight, I see what his intention was all along, but when I first began seeing my now ex-boyfriend, I thought he just wanted to hang out with me as friends and didn't think he was in it for anything else. When he kissed me, I just didn't see it coming, and I found it to be quite pleasurable despite not actually realizing what was going on or what exactly to do. I just let it happen, and it didn't actually dawn on me what was happening until it was over. For that reason, I treasure my first kiss. I didn't fuss over it, I didn't prepare myself for it, I didn't listen to what others had to say about their first kiss and get hyped up for it. It just happened.

    Too bad the guy ended up being a total a**hole! :p


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  • honestly, there is none. one of my friends (who I love but is a bit slutty) calls me a prude because I am also a super virgin. I really don't care about her opinion though. my thoughts on it; it'll happen when it happens. no need to freak out, it'll just come naturally :)

  • Nothing at all... First kisses suck... They are so boring and not that pleasing... I remember everyone telling me it was going to be amazing and unforgettable... But its not like that at all... It does feel good but its nothing amazing.

  • i have no idea..kinda like the same thing is loosing your virginity,

  • My first kiss was super awkward. Here's a little tip: don't kiss a guy after you both have been drinking hot coco/capicinos (can't spell).

  • I think you (and your friend) are missing the point of having a first kiss and a boyfriend.

    The reason people get so worked up about first kisses is that generally, people kiss someone that they really like and really WANT to kiss. Having a crush on someone and having that level of uncertainty as to whether they'll reciprocate is the reason people get nervous about it. And yes, kissing is easy, but a lot of people stress about it for the aforementioned reason.

    If you're not to the point that you're fretting about a crush on someone, then you can kiss someone, but it won't mean anything, so I wouldn't even call it a "real" kiss. Likewise, if you get a boyfriend, but he's more of an accessory you have because everyone else is doing it than anything else, then he's not a "real" boyfriend.

    I'm guessing you're pretty young. If I were you, I'd just wait. Kiss if you want, but until you think back on asking this question and go "wow, things were different back then", it won't be a life-changing experience.

    • I kind of don't want a boyfriend because I still haven't found a guy that I have a healthy emotional connection with that I haven't put in the friend zone. I don't want my first kiss either because I really don't see the point of it. Sure, it would be nice with someone that you care for deeply. But, the only guy I'm close to like that is Jaryn.

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    • If you don't want a kiss or a boyfriend yet, then don't let your friend bully you into it. Simple as that.

      Also, be aware that if Jaryn has a crush on you that you don't reciprocate, and you kiss him, you're more than likely going to break his heart when he finds out you don't actually have feelings for him. I realize that this is what guys always hate to hear, but take it into account: if you really value his friendship, kissing him might compromise the friendship that you have.

    • He USED to have a crush on me. Now, he calls me "sis" all the time because we are close but not in a romantic way.