Does she give a crap about date?

Known this girl for over a year now, asked her out a few times, every time she's said yes but we've only actually managed to hook up once (first time I asked her) keeps using the same reason the other times for not being able to meet up on the day. So figuring I had nothing to lose I decided to ask one last time, she said she couldn't the day I suggested but suggested another day, I said yea that's good fro me.

So I chose a time, she said if she was alive the next day (meaning if she got herself up) she would meet me. If I meet her I need to be up early to do other things so I told her she needed to let me know before I went to sleep so I could get myself up early or not if she didn't want to meet up. Right now I'm about to go to sleep and she hasn't replied.

Really pissed off, she said yes to meeting up and suggested another day because she couldn't make the other day, now she's taking forever to reply to me when I'm trying to arrange the details. Does she not give a crap whether we meet up or not ?


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  • Send her a text saying 'hey you still up for tomorrow?"

    or if your pissed off at her you should just cancel on her and save you the trouble.


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  • She does not give a crap.

  • whats her deal!
    i can't answer that with a heart beat...

    SHE WANTS TO FEEL LIKE there is this guy who likes me and want to hook up so yayyyy

    the only reason I answer that... cause my friends do that allll the freakin time
    trust me on this one

    dont waist you time

    • Then why (albeit p*ss takingly hours later) say we will meet up ? I mean if she just loves the attention she'd flake and not actually meet up ? There was one more thing, somthing which took me by suprise, who knows maybe its part of the act

      Well she says she's shy, also said something that made me think. I was joking on that because she wanted to lose weight and wanted some new cloths and was going out for her friends birthday that she was on the pull, she took it really seriously saying

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    • Thank you for the honesty, but I've put the stress and effort into getting the date so I'm sure as hell going along with it, like I said to the guy, it gives me a chance to play the 'wheres this going' card'. Or if she's blatantly not really interested in the date then I can just walk away leave her in the middle of it. Nothing says you don't play me like walking away on the actual date.

    • cool idea... and your so true

      i just hate seeing guys being played... or the whole games thing...

      good luck with it all though =)

  • It just sounds like friends hanging out for now.


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  • Holy f**@, dude, let her go! Stop trying! This isn't working for you! If you ever get her out for a goddam cup of coffee, you're gonna spend the whole time trying hard not to assault her!

    You deserve a girl who works better for you. It was noble to give her one last shot. She blew it!

    • I'm so f***ing angry, I mean I pointed out I was going to sleep, she's out drinking so she clearly isn't busy and could have text back at any point. Right now I'm fighting the huge urge to text saying forget it. F***I wanted to go out with her and thought well she must be interested but this takes the p*ss dude.

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    • Thanks for listening man, I'll go along with the hook up, might as well now after putting that effort in. Think I'll use this date as stage for the 'Where is this going' speech the day or two after, find out for sure after that.

    • Happy to listen. Good luck, man.