How to be less annoying?

My ex and I are talking again after a year with no contact. And things are better, good now. except I was talking to him today and usually I wait for him to talk to me, but I texted him and he had a hangover... so I don't know if that added to it. but in mid convo was like "i want to make you happy" and he was like "you do" so I said "sometimes I feel like I annoy you or I make you angry." sometimes he gives me short answers, so ill just leave it.

and he's like "sometimes you do bother me, but not all the time."

and I was like

"oh. okay. I'm sorry, I don't mean to. I just get excited to talk to you. ill back off."

and he's like "you don't need to back off. ill just let you know when I'm busy. its fine"

this bothers me, it makes me sad. its never my intention to annoy him. its not like I call him 1,000 times.

should I just ignore him and if he wants to talk to me? he can? I don't know maybe I pissed him off because I asked him to hang out.



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  • tbh your ex sounds like a little bit of an ass, why should you have to change yourself to suit him? He comes off as if he doesn't care how you feel, the way I see ex's is this: its usually not gonna work out, I mean you've become an ex with someone for a reason... these things don't just disappear... move on, life goes onwards, that's my advice


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  • If I get texts or calls at work when I'm already frustrated it is annoying. You can't make everyone happy so I wouldn't sweat it. People need some alone time to realize they miss you. :p


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  • You seem really clingy. Just back off for a bit and wait till he talks to you.