Innocent Flirting or Potential Cheating?

Ive been seeing this guy for like 7 months, we're basically boyfriend and girlfriend.

So we were flicking through each others phones and I saw messages from him to other girls saying 'hey babe' and 'when am I gonna see you' and 'when are you gonna make time for me'

when I confronted him he said that they were just girls that like him so he uses them to buy him stuff.

is this right/normal?

do I have a right to be angry/hurt?

should I leave him?


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  • To answer your three questions.

    1. No its not normal.

    2. Yes and yes.

    3. Ummm talk to him first and find where his head is at .

    innocent flirting is still cheating regardless, because it will eventually lead to cheating. Flirting itself is already cheating in my opinion. I had a girlfriend at a time who didn't know how to stop herself from flirting with other people. Two weeks into the relationship, she was already flirting with my best friend and slept with him too. So if I were you, I would talk to him and tell him to stop, I don't speak to my female friends like that and any normal guy doesn't unless he doesn't want things to remain platonic.

    • i hear what your sayin, and appreciate the advice

      he said that he'll stop talking to them and that he loves me and blahlblahblah

      but I can only take his word for it.. :S

    • =/ good luck

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  • So you just saw his received messages not his outgoing ones? Sure it is a bit shady for him to use those women. But he might not be able to control who texts him with what. Maybe one might want to sabotage his relationship.

    I personally wouldn't be angry if I trusted my S.O. Flirting is healthy and natural and to automatically assume that someone who flirts will cheat is as unfounded as those who smoke weed will do harder drugs.


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  • Even if he isn't cheating, are you really okay with dating someone who uses girls that like him to buy him stuff?

    • yeah it sounds really bad, I didn't reallythink much of it..but now youve said it he doesn't really seem like a good guy


  • ohh hell no -____- of course you have the right to be hurt, you should be the only girl that he needs for anything. he doesn't sound serious about this relationship and his excuse sounds pretty sketchy to me. after seven months he should probably know his boundries when it comes to flirting with girls. his character isn't sounding too good. but the decision is up to you of course. id probably leave him though, or at least confront him again.

  • If you two haven't made it clear that you're exclusive, then I don't think you have any right to be mad. Of course it's understandable you feel that way, but you shouldn't hold it against him. That's a better way to put it.

    • yeah I undertsandwhat your sayin and apprieciate it, but the thing that got me is that I'm the one who wants to take it slow and he's the one saying w should be in a relationship and that he loves me.

      so for him to do this made me have serious doubts about how he feels