Could he be interested in another date?

I had a second date with this guy who I really like. Our first date was great and very laid back, and our second date we went to a museum. When he drove me home he asked if our date was over, and I said I would be up for getting dinner if he was. So we had a great dinner with nice conversation, and when he dropped me off at home he said he had a great time and hoped I did too. We were sitting in his car and he seemed really nervous, like he wouldn't look at me in the eye (kept his face pretty much looking straight ahead) and his kept turning the volume dial in his car. I sensed that he was either nervous or really wanted me to go out of his car. So I tried to keep it short and at the last minute decided to give him a kiss on the cheek. He texted me the next day and said he had a great time and thanked me for the date. He didn't mention another date, but I replied back that I had a great time too and to let me know if he wanted to go out again.

I might be overanalyzing, but was he just being nice, because he didn't suggest meeting up again, or was he trying to get a feel for what I was thinking? I would love to go out with him again, but I wonder if I misread his behavior in the car and scared him away with the kiss?

Thanks for any replies!


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  • I think so...