Seeing another man doing good with a girl who dumped you just hurts a lot! :(

I think I want to kill him for this (all personal, as he now has what I want), but what I want even more than that, is winning back my life and being able to see them and don't give a damn.

Yes, I still consider her an option, but this situation makes me feel childish. And paralized, and that's not a good place to start again.

How to cope with competition from other men? I'd like to find a way to turn this experience to my advantage, to inspire me to improve myself and accepting more my flaws and ehm... HER mistakes... just don't find a way.

Any idea?


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  • Move on, and date other girls. STOP considering her an option. The more you do that, you will never move on to someone else that could be better for you. She is with someone else, and that tells you everything that you need to know. Should you be happy for her? No. You were a stepping stone to her, and looking in the past is not a good way for a man to move forward.

    The next time you even get close to a relationship, keep in contact with other girls you meet for options just in case. Women have other guys chasing them all the time. Don't get sucked up into the games that women play. Go out, have FUN, meet more people, date (don't look for a girlfriend, just date/sex), polish your style to get more women.

    Women coming to you won't happen unless you have something they want. Money, power, fame. It's not about having just confidence, you have to be confident IN THEIR SUBJECTS OF WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. All guys are confident when dealing with things they know or are good at, and most girls don't care about what guys are into.

    Stay busy, go out more and to more places, travel, become the alpha male, don't talk about relationships with women, and most of all carry yourself as a man that already has it all. Don't be nice, it doesn't work.


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  • Sounds like what's just happening to me, but it only happened because I had to go overseas to study and all the sudden my girl change and when she talk to me its like she doesn't care anymore... Then on Facebook I saw that this guy put his relationship status as "in a relationship" with my girl...

    So it seems like I've been left in the dark about this by her and its all a ugly story and history. Just let it go and move on.

    Strive to become a better man, a man much better than you were back when you were with that girl and look to improve yourself but don't try to look for a new relationship while your improving yourself. You might also find a girl come to you when you work on improving yourself and those relationships last longer than ones where you find the girl

  • Me, I just think he's going to regret his getting involved with the whackette. Saw a guy with an old flame from hs recently. I don't think she recognized me--good looking, but in treatment--

  • There's plenty of fish in the sea you know. If you really cared for the girl, you would be happy that she's doing good with another man and just move on by trying to find the right girl for yourself to do good with.

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