Online dating profile tips for the profile of a male?

I am a guy, early 30's, not having any positive results dating online. Some look at my profile, but none respond.

Girls, what draws you to a profile? Should it be left mostly blank - to add mystery, or should it be more like an open book? Do you have any other suggestions to improve the attraction to a guys dating profile?

Guys, what have you done that has gotten you better results, and more female responses? Any positive suggestions to improve my profile would be appreciated.


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  • well I've done online dating before but it was mostly from craigslist. I posted a picture and I wrote a little bit about myself. Try to be detailed on your past (if you're a serial dater or looking for something serious only), on what you do as for a living, where you live, how you get around, what kinds of hobbies you like etc... or you can just look through craigslist to see if there is anyone "real" on there and talk to them through gmail or whatever. That's what I did, I put an ad then got about 100 replies from guys then I wrote back to some of them. 2 of them and I started to really email back and forth a LOT. Then we started to meet up and then we just became friends etc. Anyways, just make sure they are real, and reply to some ads on craigslist. I've never tried any other websites


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  • Fill it out. Write as much as possible so you come across as genuine and invested in taking the time to attract someone. Think of it as your opportunity to create a billboard to tell girls what's so great or interesting about you that they should either message you or reply to your messages.


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  • I don't have an online dating profile set up completely (but I am strongly considering it) but I do have one so I could browse (just see what's out there before I spend the time to set it up). I would say put plenty of information but don't put everything about you. A girls profile that is mostly blank doesn't really leave me interested in her. I'd rather read the one that cared to fill out information about herself.

    Also, as one site has stated about uploading a picture, make sure you are smiling or doing something fun in your picture. If you are just sitting around like a bump on a log then that probably won't draw attention to yourself and be passed by to the picture where they guy looks happy. And I would also say upload more than one photo but not like half a million (maybe 3-4).

    That's the best advice I got so far. Probably not as good as a females advice as they know what they are looking for better than I. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Good luck to you with it.

    • In regards to the photo, it might seem cheesy, but I actually find myself very interested and amused when the guy has his thumbs up. XD I'm not sure why...maybe it's because I associate thumbs up with The Fonz? lol.

    • Well it also shows that he has a sense of humor. :)

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