Why go out with friends if he's just going to text me all night?

So last night me and my boyfriend and his family went to a baseball game. He said he wanted to go to the bars with an old friend. I said "ok cool, I'm gonna go to bed I'm exhausted." About an hour and a half later he texted me...ugh I have had wayyyy too many shots I wanna go out to the club. You should come with me.So naturally I got a little worried. And I ended up saying "I really don't care what you do...Idk why your asking for my permission when your gonna do it either way" And then the rest of the night he was texting me asking if I was mad and I wasn't at first but he kept asking and asking. Which made me think last night. What the freaking point of going out with your friends if your gonna sit there and text me all night long? So when he finally got to my house at 4 o clock in the morning. He was still asking. I just ignored him and went to sleep. I guess I really have nothing to be upset about. But its bothering the sh*tttt outta me.


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  • Honestly sweetie, if he was more concentrating on you instead of out enjoying himself, you should feel flattered. The fact he was worried that you are mad at him, shows he really cares if it bothers you. If he didn't and was wanting to start an issue, he would have ignored you and done the "what a bitch" routine..right? I think you should sit down with him and tell him your sorry for overeacting. Because to be honest, you did. There have been many times I have gone for drinks and appys with my girls and then called my man saying I feel like clubbing, do you mind? he sometimes gets irriatated because he wanted me to come home earlier to spend time with him, but sometimes you get that buzz (usually from the shots) to wanna let loose. Be patient with him, if your tired and not planning to join him, tell him to have fun and call you tomorrow. The fact that he called and ask was a sign of respect, as he could have went out anyways and ignored you, instead he asked you to join him. Talk it over and smooth things out, you guys should make it through this with just a bit of communication. Best of Luck.

    • Thank you. I really needed to hear that.

    • Your wlecome...glad I helped. I have no reason to lie..I don't know you..so all I can do is be honest. I hope it works out and best of luck to you sweetie:)

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