Percentage wise, what are his intentions?

An acquaintance from 10+ years ago is in town and wants to catch up. I agreed, we grabbed lunch, it was fun, he left town. 2wks later he informs me he'll be back in town and says we're hanging out. He's got a lot of friends in the area so a group outing is planned, it falls through, it's just us two bowling, it was competitive and fun. His later plans also fall through so he suggests continuing our outing with tennis (we're athletes lol).. He's a very social and well connected person, where as I'm not so much, and says I should visit him where he lives (diff state) to get out and have fun.

I say he is just a very sociable person/friend and am pretty sure he asks all his friends to come visit. However, my friend says he's clearly interested in me.. I have a pretty bad track record with analyzing these situations, and my friends have recently been pushing every guy on me, so I'd like to get an objective opinion.

Percentage wise, what are the chances he's being a friend OR trying to be more than friends/is interested in me?


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  • He Is 30%percent I guess iS a friend and more for He is falling for you to hang Out And Just Be with HIm For Few Days, See how It turns out to be...


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