I was looking at a web sight and some guys are looking to date a women who is from the age of 18 to the age 80...

Any one else find that weired? and the guys are in there 20s. and some are even 18. its scares me to think that an 80 year old women might have an advantage over a women who is in the age range of them. but they would be willing to date a women who is 80 years old .wouldent that be like dating a very old family member what if you had sex with her and she died ?

ok thanks guys for your answers :D good answers guys


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  • I'm not fond of the grandmas myself, but whatever gets you through the night, I say. And dating an 80-year-old isn't like dating a family member any more than dating a 35-year-old, or an 18-year-old; neither is related to me.

    And if any woman, of any age, dies in my bed, I dial 911. What else does one do?


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  • I'm pretty sure most of those guys aren't going to date an 80 year old.


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