I've lost interest in dating ... How to get past it?

I'm getting too old to meet someone, so I really need to get out there. How do you push past the point where you aren't interested in dating anymore? I still desire sex, but most of the guys I have to date aren't sexually interesting, so I can't use that to boost my motivation. HELP?!


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  • No strings attached! The guys that you have met are jerks if they aren't interested then don't stop there is always a guy looking for a girl to have sex with especially the ones that just want to have sex nothing else so don't give up you will find yours soon and age has nothing to do with it you are never to old to have a relationship age has nothing to do with true love so don't give it up for a couple of jerks that make them look good so you do what you got to do you are worth something so prove it :)

  • You are getting too old, lol. People in their 80's meet and date. Relationships are about companionship not sex and getting your vagina pounded. I have a REAL low sex drive and even I like to go on dates and see where it goes. So, cause you don't want them to bang you right off you call it quits? lol okay.

    • I am sorry but a good relationship involves physical, emotional, intellectual, and sexual chemistry. please believe if you stop having sex with your partner you WILL have problems, and if the sex isn't good , to most people that is a deal breaker. You would have to be the best person in the world, for someone to stay with you if you have bad sex

    • well I take that back if you meet someone with low enough sex drive you would be fine, but anything else and you will have big problems