Is this most certainly "game over". have you ever tried/succeeded attempting this?

I just got dumped after ~1 month of daily talking (chat/txt/phone) & we did meet each other 4 times during it (30min drive distance). I think she showed much interest in to me in many ways laughter, initiate contact, remembered my sayings, eyecontact, talking about upcoming events and how she was looking forward to it (example. invited me to her party, and many other events), how she was missing me etc, wanted to hold hands publicly, makeout, hugging...

Well due to me being quite picky I knew early that I was liking her and I think I came off too needy cos I read the situation wrongly and though she was crazy for me and thus didn't build enough attraction :/, big mistake althought I was just being myself and not playing games avoiding answering when I'm not actually unavail :E, I am by the way '1986 and she '1987

So I got the friend card played on me "I've been thinking... your nice ETC but I don't think I have the same feelings for you as I think you have for me and it would probably be fairest for both of us to stop it here, I don't want to mislead you anylonger" It also came very sudden after the heavy amount of IOI she was giving just yesterday & before

Is there any chance that in just "ignoring (not making any contact on FB etc)" her now and asking her for a coffee or something when she's around at my city in few months and just make it casual "friends" meeting and take it very slow and hope she spark's interest again and starts opening conversations to me which when I would now response in more uninterested/busy mood and hope to create attraction again (which obviously was there in some point in her?)


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  • Eh I would probably move on. You messed up and the best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes so you don't do the same thing next time. Plus if you're super lucky, by not talking to her she will hopefully realize that you're not as desperate as she thought you were (or w/e the problem was). Just live your life, put up pics on FB of you having fun with friends and other girls, and let her see what she missed out on. If she tries to initiate contact again, great!. If not, it's her loss and now you know what not to do in the future.

    Just make sure you don't get "oneitis" as you PUA types like to say.

    • Actually I don't know what oneitis means but google'd it :) I Have read some PUA & Psychology articles surely _BUT_ I don't like it that much personally (i'm really open to everyone, don't like "games) but it really seems to make sense.. Only mistake which I can understand I made was expressing my feelings early as I thought it would be OK after she gave "~20" different signs of interest, but yeah can't even be sure if it was even my fault. I just thought we were having nice time so I was confused:)

    • I just assumed you were part of that community since you were using the lingo and overanalyzing everything ;) I wouldn't beat yourself up if I were you. She probably has issues with commitment or a similar condition that is out of your control. Some girls are just like that. I would just do like I said and hopefully she will change her mind. If not, you are young and there are tons of girls out there.

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