Do I ask him to hang out any time soon?

My friend and I went out to town yesterday. It's something we never do, but once a year, there's a huge festival in my hometown and you just have to go. I had a little too much to drink and I was having a great time. When I was sobering up, two guys decided to come up and talk to us. I ended up hugging and kissing one of them. He was really sweet and chill and I got his number. We spend about 2-2,5 hours together and it was a lot of fun. We all walked back to the train station and said/kissed good bye.

He's really nice and I really want to see him again soon. I'm afraid it was just a one night thing for him though and that he doesn't want to hang out with me. Do I ask him anyway? And how and when? We have been texting today, but I couldn't find a right moment to ask him.


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  • how old is he and if you are under 18 wow you really should not be drunk in public(sorry for judging or lecturing)

    • he is 23 and I am 17. over here it's legal to drink when you're 16 so I don't see why you'd make a big deal out of it. I rarely do it anyway.

    • ok but just please be carefull

    • I will. my friend didn't drink. she decided to keep an eye on me. I'm glad she did, haha.

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  • yes go for it!just say we should hang out

    • I will text him some day next week, I think :) the least I can do is try.