Intresting.. It would seem she's jealous.. Now what?

I like this girl and she's acting a bit jealous.. Is there a way I can confront her about it..

And yes I started dating another girls.. that's when she started acting strange.. I still do care about her and like her.. But she's never showed intrest back untell now..

So my question is.. How can I ask her if she's jelious or confront her anout it with out her arguing that she's not and pulling away from me.. I know she's shy..

I don't want to stop dating because I think she suddenly wants me..

so I need to find out what she really wants with me..


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  • Girls are really hard to read for the reason that if they are afraid they might get hurt, or might/have been rejected, they are very insecure. Girls need a lot of protection in order to feel comfortable and safe. Even if this girl seems outgoing, likely she is too scared to do anything about it. She might've been severely hurt in the past and might be very scared of it happening again. Perhaps it is also that she has given hints at it, but maybe it was that you didn't pick up on them. My suggestion, is find a common friend between you two(better if the friend is female) and get her to ask if she has feelings for you. If the answer comes back as a yes, then choose between girls. Unfaithfulness is the biggest turn-off for girls. Choose right away. If you care for her enough, it won't be a hard desicion.

    Also try text message, or IM... Sadly but surely, most everyone is more bold to say how they feel in cyberspace. Get to knomw her better, then just start asking away.

    • We have a mutual female friend.. And I have asked her friend if this girl likes me.. I never get a straight awnser.. So I've been talking to her friend and letting her friend know how I feel.. But the reason why I don't get a straight awnser is because she says she doesn't want to be in the middle of it. So I don't think she gives me or the girl any straight awnsers.. I've asked the friend that if I ever step over my bounds to tell me.. She said she would but has never stoped me

  • Ask her straight up!

    • Intresting idea.. But I know she's shy and would most likly tell me she's not jelious.. Or even admit her feelings for me.. Then she'd pull away for a few days and try to ignor me the best she can..

      Any other ideas?

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