Bad breakup and now this, advice?

just a little background- I recently "broke up" with my fwb. it was a pretty nasty fight. I ended it. lots of name calling. anyway, I haven't talked to him since then which was over a week ago.

anyway, I had a dream last night about being at the doctor's office with one of my old flings too and basically his girlfriend found out about us making out one time and she blew up at him while I was getting a check up. and while they were fighting, I looked in the other room and my ex friends with benefits was there with his family, so I was really curious to see him/talk to him and we saw each other when he left and he gave me a awkward dirty look and I said hi to him and he was like yeah hi in a pissy way. and we ended up fighting again because I was mad that he was trying to see other girls while I was seeing him. and then I was in our old workplace (that's where me and the friends with benefits met, but I don't work there anymore) and his friends were there trying to talk to me and I was like uh no. and then all of a sudden it was like I was the person looking into him hooking up with this one girl that I think he has hooked up with in real life and saw what they were doing (messing around)until finally she told him she didn't want to do it anymore and she didn't like messing with him and he was begging her not to end it but she did. and I came out of nowhere and offered him a ride home and we ended up in the woods and were talking about what happened the past few months. and I kept asking him who was his first (he always said that he'd had sex before but his actions and his friends told me otherwise) and he said it was me. and I said (which was no doubt) him. and we just were walking in the woods just calmly talking. and then I woke up.

what does this mean?

it's just funny cos I was thinking about burrying the hatchet after what happened because I do still have feelings for him, and he was my first and I don't want any bitterness or bad feelings like there is now. but some of his actions and the things he said to me don't seem like he was that into me and that he didn't like me. we had a VERY complicated relationship- I'd reject him emotionally, keep it at sex, then he'd reject me emotionally, then we tried to get back to what we had, and I didn't want it because I felt like he wasn't taking me seriously and just wanted sex so I got impatient and gave up :( he was horrible to me and I was to him, but I miss him


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  • No advice here, I'm a virgin and that doesn't sound like a situation I'd ever get into. >.> If you both like drama then you're perfect for each other though, lol

  • its sounds like you're an easy girl


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