Boyfriend, Ex Boyfriend, or My Best Guy friend?

Before saying I'm a slut or what ever please hear me out!

*My Boyfriend:

He's mad at me because I talk to my best guy friend more than him because he never texts or calls me, I have to talk to him first for us to talk. I feel like I'm the one putting my all into this relationship. I haven't contacted him in any way to give time to cool off and give myself time to think.

*Ex Boyfriend:

We was together for 1yr 9mo. He moved away so we broke up and now we don't talk. I recently (last night) had a dream about him. We was at a club, he was with his friends and I was with mine, he came over and spoke to me and we danced together and then we back to his house and made out and had s*x.

*Best Guy Friend:

He has been my listener through it all he helped me with my ex boyfriend and boyfriend problems. My boyfriend and my ex boyfriend don't like him because they thought I liked him. At first I didn't but now I do and he knows what's going on with me and my boyfriend but he still asked me to go with him. I didn't say no but I didn't say yes either because I'm stuck in a love SQUARE!

Who do you think is the better guy and deserves my heart?

Im 100% happy with my ex boyfriend and best guy friend its just my boyfriend who really has me thinking. And obviously my boyfriend doesn't have a cute description.


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  • dude straight up: boyfriend -we both know what you need to do here . this is not a good relationship for you ,you need to get out.

    ex boyfriend -he is your ex for a reason ,you saw something in him you did not like, and now you got exactly what you needed from him so you don't need him anymore.

    if you should be with anybody it is obviously the guy friend he is trying he will be good to you.

    ... or that is just my opinion


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  • It is never a good idea to have a "go to" guy in a relationship. I'm not saying you shouldn't have guy friends, its just when one becomes labeled as the go to guy problems arise. You suddenly find yourself talking to him for everything. Argument with your boyfriend.. you talk it out with the Go To guy, upset about something he's done.. Go To guy. You get the picture. Things you should be discussing and communicating with your boyfriend about, you talking with the other guy. And now the Go To guy who generally does care about you, his feelings are probably getting stronger and upset because of the way the boyfriend is treating you and now he's thinks you could do better. A go to guy OR girl is never a good idea when in a relationship. But since the damage is done, I'm not taking sides, but your boyfriend is kinda right. How would you feel if every time an issue arose between you two he went to a close girl friend? Wouldn't that upset you? You just have to make your boyfriend priority over your guy friend. Let him know that both of them are important to you, but that he comes first, and then prove it to him. As far as which guy you should go with, ask yourself this, if you lost one, which one hurts more to lose? Then you have your answer ;) Good luck!

  • Boyfriend: I don't know the whole situation, but if you're unhappy with him a lot, it's probably not the right relationship.

    Ex-boyfriend: He's out of your life now, so I don't really think it's an option... He's probably over it now.

    Best guy friend: How long have you liked him? In the past, I developed a minor crush on a guy friend just because I was having boyfriend problems and I longed for someone who treated me better. You don't want to make any rash decisions just because you and your boyfriend are going through a rough time.

    I know you said you're giving yourself time to think, which is good, but I also think you need to calmly talk to your boyfriend about how you've been feeling in the relationship. Can't overestimate the power of communication and honesty.

  • Impossible for anyone on here to tell you. you can write a cute little description for each but that's absolutely meaningless. Honestly, if you're so undecided that you can't pick, probably none of them are for you and you need to focus on yourself since you're not 100% happy with any of them

    • You NEED to re read my post.