Are me and my ex destined to be together?

Okay so I dated this guy for about a year.. he ended things with me because he didn't want to get himself into a mess, since my parents had found out that me and him were dating and my cousin was in love with him to. I tried getting back with him but it was useless. After a while, he got back with his ex whom he was with for about 5 years. It was completely understandable because they were the same age+ they had been together for so long(he is 3 years older than me). We met on July 20th, and do NOT talk at all. We've gotten into many fights after our break up, but other than that, we don't talk to each other. But for some reason.. every year, we some how end up talking on the same dayte-July20th. Could this possibly be destiny? I haven't been with another guy (serious commitment) with any other guy after him, and every time me and a guy do want to get serious it never works. Are me and my ex just meant to be? This year, on July20th he added me back on Facebook, which was totally shocking because we don't talk at ALL... could me and him talking on every "July20th" be a sign? Are we destined to be together in the near future?


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  • Na it's really up to u