How to do the kiss?

This girl and I have been dating like about 2 weeks...she seems to like AND love me pretty much...but every time I move in closer to kiss her, she'd turn her head to the side mostly just cover her lips with her hand in a cute fashion (weird) ...anybody has a solution to this? THX!


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  • Mmm well...I used to be kinda like that and I can just let you know..

    Is because she is shy or maybe she hasn't got her first kiss...some of us save it.

    And I don't know maybe she does wants to but its scared you might not like they way she kisses etc mmm

    Sooo next time she does that to you just move her hand slowly and just get closer slowly and kiss her! (:

    Hope it helps...good luck (;

    • THX a ton! and yes, she hasn't got her first kiss yet :)

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    • Then just take her chin "slowwlly" and try it again just tell her that you just wanna kiss her and that its OK give her a chance to trust you (:

      But am sure it won't happen if you do the first thing

      Ps:if you can ...let me know if it worked...good luck ;)

    • haha thx again then! xDD

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