Why don't you respond to a text?

This is a general question

1. girls complain guys don't respond after telling them they are special and more than just a friend...

2. guys complain she won't respond back after saying some pretty great things...

Why are your reasons for not texting back and you know a person really likes you and you have been talking for quite sometime?

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  • Regardless of who it is the only reason I don't text someone back would be because I'm busy, I will always text back when I get the chance, sometimes the next day if I don't get free time till late at night. It's only polite, someone that won't text back however is just damn rude!

    • Thank you for BA :)

    • I liked your answer best. It was reasonable and not rude.

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What Guys Said 2

  • People need to realize that everyone, even their "special someone", has a life and can't always be on their phone. If I'm in an important meeting, I'm not going to be checking my phone. Remember that texting is like this web forum.

    Responses take time. It's not instant unless it's a phone call, chat, or face-to-face conversation.

  • I would always respond back. The only reason for me not to would be if I was incapacitated.


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't reply sometimes because I'm busy.

  • I won't Respond if The Conversation is Edging towards Making me Bored.

    Im not gonna Stop Replying just Because.

    Lol that's Rude...only if You make Me Bored.

    But that's Just Me.

    • That's still incredibly rude. That's like if someone was speaking to you in person, and you suddenly walked away without another word. If the conversation is boring you, just say you have to go, don't just stop replying, that's an a**hole move on your part.

    • Okay.