Do I pick him, his best friend, or neither?

I have been in love with this boy,gunnar, for almost 2 years. He is my best friend and knows me better than anyone. Right when we started dating, his best friend, eric, manipulated me into kissing him, and this whole thing erupted. They made me choose between them and I chose my boyfriend (obviously). Over time we all kind of got over it and we started to be friends again. I started talking to Eric, and he admitted that he liked me. So it blew up again. Gunnar pretty much forbade him from talking to me, and at first I was okay with it. But then I started to get jealous of the girls he talked to, and I missed him, and stuff. They are both about to leave for college and I don't want to hurt anyone. Eric has no idea I like him. Any ideas on what I should do?


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  • Break up with your boyfriend because sounsd like you are too worried about Eric