How should our first date go?

I've know this girl for a pretty long time now and I still don't know much about her but she's very beautiful and even more interesting. I've talked to her a little here and there but not much. The last time we talked we planned on getting together. When she returns home for Greece. I think she might be a little interested in me and I want to make the right first impression. She may be a once in a life time catch :)


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  • Aww... first off I wanna say this is really sweet! So I'm gonna give you a good tip. The first date should always be unique and easy going. Something memorable but not TO over the top, if that makes any sense. Don't stick to the same old diner and a movie. My favorite first date was when a guy took me to this free concert at the local beach. We had drinks, danced a little, and had a great time without it getting to awkward or nerve racking. The music and drinks help us both relax and it was really a lot of fun. So keep it in a casual setting and make it memorable. Go see a local band playing, or take her to an outdoor movie theater. I'm sure you'll be able to find something fun and easy in your area. Have Fun! and Good Luck!


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