Look at my pro/con first boyfriend list ?

My guy friend is kinda head over heels for me, (eww cliche), and I like him too, its just that I've never dated a guy before (we are both juniors in high school this year), and I feel like I'm being super picky... Can you guys look at this pro con list and either yell at me for being superficial or agree with my terms? I just need some sense knocked into me...

Pros: ridiculous amount in common, same taste in music, movies, life goals, same sense of humor, we can talk for hours about nothing, he likes me, we are both in similar life situations, he is very kind, honest, he's already a friend, I could have fun with him

cons...he is a few inches shorter than me, havn't met his friends or family yet, he acts like a tool to impress me somethimes, I outweigh him...i think...(we are both really skinny but still...) no liscense yet (me neither), his voice is funny, I don't know if my friends like him...


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  • If you and the guy are at the friend point in the relation between you guys then, it is better to just be friends. Other then that, I would say go for it, don't look at his cons, but look for the good traits he has and it seems like you have quiet a list.


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  • I think it is fine. your pros are pretty good, that you both have similar life goals. what are they by the way?

    your cons are not that bad, you can meet his family and friends and you can tell him to stop being such a tool then... and if your friends don't like him what are the reasons? are they legit?

    • oh by life goals I meant just that we both do well in school and want to travel and go to college and just be really independent and have freedom, and about the friends thing, I think they think that he is my stalker because of a joke I made, they took it too serious now they think he's a creep but he isn't haha...

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    • Well I'm planning on illustrating part time as a job and possibly starting a mural business, I'm really into art, I've shown him some of my stuff and I drew him a picture for his birthday which he flipped out about (in a good way) for a good hour, umm yeah he says he wants be be a musician so it kinda goes together musician and artist...and he doesn't know where he wants to go for college but I've got an idea, yeah my friends would be cool with him, but I'm kinda nervous because I havnt...

    • ..seen him since June in person, but we are hanging out this Saturday so hopefully all will go well.