He's dating 2 of us at the same time?

Ive found out from that the guy I've been dating for a year is dating someone else also. we are not boyfriend/girlfriend but we do do all things a boyfriend and girlfriend would do. he's met my family I've met his...im heartbroken and don't know how to talk to him about it...i never even had a clue this was possible since we do everythign together and have so much fun while we hang out. constanlty playing and laughing and talking and joking around. we are very active and always out and about...what do I do and how should I quesiton him without sounding demanding.i want ot make my point that his is unacceptable and I will not continue to be on eof his "options" or one os his girls in rotation


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  • This is the problem with never having the exclusivity talk. People are still free to date whomever they want and it's not technically wrong. If you want to be the only girl he's seeing then you need to talk to him about it. Tell him that you want to be in an exclusive relationship with him and if he can't agree to be with you only then you'll have to stop seeing him.


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  • who cares about the "exclusive" talk.

    A YEAR?

    dude, drop his ass.

    what a loser.

    do you really need to have that "talk" a year in?

    it should be assumed.

    if he tries to make excuses then he is a loser.

    move on.

    • I know that's exactly what I'm saying. It's more than obviouse we're together. I will talk to him tonight. No excuses will be accepted

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  • Life's too short, drop his punk ass.

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