Why does he drunk text me?

This guy I used to know and like who I knew from college 5 years ago recently contacted me on Facebook and we started texting each other and have met up twice. We get on well, have lots in common and we occasionally text each other(mostly he texts me first) Although once a week when he goes out with friends, he always randomly texts me in the middle of the night with drunken texts just like "ahh so drunkk" or "your gonna hate me as I'm texting you this late" etc then aplogises the next day for texing. I really like him but don't know if he feels the same and just being friendly. Please could someone tell me what this all means?


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  • Is this serious? If he's texting you late at night or 'sexting' as most call it, he obvee wants you. If anything he's trying to tell you right there and then via text "I want you, will you come over?" Some guys don't have the courage to make the first move sober and take advantage of the opportunity to blame the booze if it turns out she is actually not interested. Capiche?

    • Nooo the texts aren't anything like that,they are just completly random drunk texts,he's defiantly not the type of guy to ask some girl over at 2 in the morning :/

    • I'd say he's still interested in you. Even if he is a 'gentlemen' who wouldn't initiate a booty call, he still wants on. Let's put it this way, late at night after I've been out boozing, I don't text girls who I'm not attracted to...

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