Men when a guy says "I'll call you" i.e bullsh*t?

ok so I've learned my lesson. Girls should not go after guys. I asked this guy out. He said anytime gave me his number. I texted him two days later. and he talked for a while when I said when he was free he texted back hours later with 'whenever' so I texted him with the plans and he said. Yeah sure I'll text you. I not stupid that means like I will text you if I actually want to meet up with you/ when I have better plans. It to get away without actually saying no. So how the hell do I get out of it now. we Haven't spoken since. So "if he does text me back" I guess I will say I'm busy? this is a guy who is not interested right?


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  • Yeah,well if he said he's interested in going on the date and he says he's free whenever yet when you tell him of the plans he says he'll text you back. I think that basically means he doesn't want to go out just because he says he's free whenever then he changes it and says he'll text you when he's free. That sounds a little sketchy to me. I don't know though he may just be thinking it over and if he does text back I think you should just go on the date with him.

    • he didn't say I'll let you when I'm free.. he said yeah sure I will text you. So it basically implying what you said. it a yes. but I will let you know for sure deal. ugh. He's not interested so he's not gonna care if I don't respond if "he does text back" I'm guessing if he's bored and and jas no one to hang with or f*** with he'll show.

    • Well if you think he's using you as a last resort I think you should move unto someone who'll make your their first priority. Don't waste your time on something you can't have. I don't know that's just what I think but do what you like.

  • Keep playing games, it's sure to get you the result you want.

    • ...? this guy isn't interested clearly with the I'll call you line. why the hell would I want to play games. I actually like the guy.

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    • well wasn't asking him out a pretty big. I like you.

    • I guess it was. Maybe he is playing games. In that case, maybe my advice to you would be to start liking men who aren't into the games.

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