Do I call him or wait?

So I've had a thing for this guy for awhile and he went away for a month and we made lots of plan to hang out so he got back a few days ago and we hung out and I ended up staying the night (no sex) and he seemed really into me as well and mentioned hanging out again. He said in the past that he didn't want a relationship for awhile as he had been in one for 3 years that ended a few months ago. It seemed like though that he was changing his mind with that though with the things he'd say and the way he'd say it. When he dropped me off at home he hugged me and told me to call him or something I think he might have kissed me but he had a helmet on.. And so I didn't wanna seem to keen so I just sent a text last night saying how's it going. All he said back was "just got home" this didn't leave me with much to be able to say back so I said oh nice. And he never replied he usually talks to me everyday but has yet to today I don't know if I should call him and ask to do something or just leave it and see if he tries to make contact with me again. About 95% of the time he talks to me first which just confuses me that maybe he changed his mind or is scared? What do I do? Wait or go for it and ask him to do something


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  • I say wait and let him be the one to contact you unless you have something arranged that you would like for him to come join. If your hoping for him to ask you to hang out again just wait, but instead I would just ask him to hang out... that's what I did yesterday with a guy I'm seeing. He thanked me for inviting him and then he actually showed up and we hung out for a couple of hours!

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