What to do on the first couple dates?

Okay when I don't know what I should be doing or talking about first couple dates. Sometimes I get dates with girls I am surprised say yes. The thing is I don't know what to do on dates to actually move things the way I want too (namely getting a girlfriend).


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  • I'd disagree with Jmag here at least in date order. I prefer the first date to be something fun, some sort of activity that you'd be able to enjoy with a friend or by yourself. It takes the pressure off the forced and canned dialogue that happens on most first date dinners. I personally feel like dinner and a movie is a really bad first date unless you're already pretty well acquainted with the person.

    The trick with having a more 'fun' first date is that you have to balance in some romance/attraction by flirting and the like, otherwise you might send too big of a friend vibe.

  • Well don't rush, girls don't like that! Best relationships start out slow!

    First date I would take a lady to dinner and then a movie. I would pick dinner(make sure you pick some place fancy not cheap!) and let her pick the movie.

    2nd date I would do an activity with her, maybe take her to a baseball game, or I've heard others have taken their girl to a gun shoot range.

    Maybe third date take her somewhere to shields tour talent! For me it's golf so simply I would take her to a driving range or golf course. And I wouldn't kiss on the first date, make her want more next time k? 2nd date at the end you're gonna kiss her! Pick some place that's "romantic" in their mind, and alone! Don't pick some place like the parking lot of Target! Maybe a park or something like that. Good luck mate!

    • Dang autocorrect! The "shields tour talent" should really say "showoff your talent"

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