How should I deal with a Facebook/text flirter that doesn't flirt in person?

There's this guy that I've always thought was cute, and when I finally met him a couple days ago I was really excited! I came home to a cute Facebook message from him saying how happy he was to meet me, as well as a comment on my picture saying how cute I was. He then asked for my number, and has been texting me a lot with really flirty, friendly messages.

But then I see him the next day--he doesn't even come up and talk to me! On top of that, after that day he hasn't been texting me nearly as much.

I'm just confused and I don't know why he's acting this way; first of all, with the only talking to me on Facebook and text, and second, how he is now avoiding me. How should I approach this guy if I'm still interested in him, but he suddenly doesn't seem interested? Should I keep pursuing him if he only flirts over Facebook and text?


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  • He is your generation's up-and-comer. Behind a screen, everyone has all the power and creativity in the world. In person, people lack ingenuity and the ability to reciprocate anything close to what they can do online.

    Simply put, he's a nerd. He may not look it, but he has no self-esteem outside of his computer.

  • I do not envy your generation.

    • yeah this aspect of my generation definitely sucks.

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