What makes a kiss "bad"?

for me, the only bad kiss I've gotten was my first kiss, which was bad because it was the guy's first kiss too and he didn't even move his lips! ha ha it was bad because he didn't do anything and therefore it failed.

but other than that... I can't think of something that would make a kiss "bad", if you actually like the person.

what do you guys think?


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  • The worst kiss I have ever received and to be honest it was almost like he was trying to digest me...lol

    Basically the guy opened his mouth way too wide for mine, and instead of his lips meeting mine, they kind of went over, and you end up with a slobbering mess...(yeah, not a pretty image)

    And the result really is that it ends up being more of a wet thing over your whole mouth and nose, rather then a kiss in 'harmony'...lol, and there is nothing you can do when someone does that, because unfortunately its like his lips are eating yours...

    Oh, and I kissed a girl once, put me off for life, she stuck her tongue down my throat, to the point she almost choked me...knew then I was not a lesbian...lol

    • oh... both those kisses don't sound very pleasant at all... lol

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    • lol that's hilarious

    • Ha, she probably thought she was quite good too, cause I was speechless afterwards...obviously she didn't realize it was because I was a little 'winded'...rather then being 'lovestruck'

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  • bad breath, unbrushed teeth, lingering food flavor,LMAO I could go on all day, but I get what you mean :)

    • haha I know. we're assuming the person is hygienic. I was referring to techniques that would make the kiss bad.

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    • blueberry flavored kisses, that actually sounds nice, but picture this. Here's the switch up, you like blueberries he likes cheese burgers :D

    • haha yeah I think I'd pass on the cheeseburger kiss :P

  • Is a bad kiss a deal breaker?

  • A kiss should have passion. If so, it never fails.


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  • My boyfriend does "the peck". Oh no, not just one, or two...or three. A couple in a row and then kisses me real hard. I suppose it would be cute if he did that now and then, but it seems like every time I want him to kiss me softly or if I want a long, passionate kiss, he always does this. It never fails :\

    Like I guess passion for me are long slow kisses and not just random "put our lips togther" type things. That's just me though.

    • oh... yeah I know what you mean. pecks are cute but only for a little bit lol

    • He did it again today and I said, "Why do you do that?" and he goes, "I dunno, it's cute and I like to play with you."

      I grabbed his face and gave him a huge kiss and I said, "THAT'S how you kiss." he smiled and said, "I know how to kiss." lol I'll be teaching him more later...

    • lol with my ex-bf (not the bad kisser), we would have conversations afterward and we'd suggest stuff to each other to improve. for example, he wanted me to use more tongue, I wanted him to touch me more when we kissed, etc. I thought the conversations really helped us tell each other what we wanted in the relationship... maybe you should try it :P

  • drool

    my boyfriend in first year of university was a drooly kisser

    if we were having a makeout session, I'd get grossed out after a bit

    i didn't want to tell him though haha, I wish I did though. yuck

  • It's easy to screw up a kiss. you can put your lips all over the place...completely over their lips.., you dart you tongue in and out really fast, your mouth tastes bad, you don't use your tongue right (although that's not so bad as long as the other person knows what their doing), or you grab the persons head and don't let go.

  • Too much tongue ruins a kiss too. The kind that even around your mouth gets wet and it's more like sucking face than kissing!

  • a bad kiss is if you stick your entire tongue down someone's mouth or slobber all over them