Boyfriend only likes what he doesn't have?

My ex boyfriend told me out of the blue that he loved me, while he was dating another girl. I love him and I told him so, but he stayed with his girlfriend for another 5 months until their relationship ended. While he was dating the other girl he flirted and talked to me all the time.

When we started dating he stopped flirting with me, and instead flirted with other girls. He doesn't even talk to me in public anymore...

Does he just want what he doesn't have?


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  • Yes. From my own experiences, I have done the same thing. When I got a guy, I was super flirty with other guys cause I was bored with the one I was with simply because the chase was over and I got what I wanted. Then when I moved onto the next guy I was interested in, the same thing would happen and it was just a reoccurring thing. He's just out for the chase.

  • No, he just wants a rebound and your it. Don't even pay attention to him, he knows he can have you back when he choses don't let him do that to you