Did he want a kiss?

Hi y'all (:

Sooo looking back I been trying to figure out what exacly did HE meant.

I been talking with this guy since summer and a little more...

One day we were talking and it was kinda really late around..3am we were just talking normal random stuff nothing DURTY..and he said he had to go but..I asked him to stay a little more ..cuz I couldn't go to sleep..

And he was like "what would I get"..that kinda surprised me but I said random things and started with money..$5 etc..but he said he didn't wanted money...then I said..I would make him some tacos(inside joke that we have) but then he said he wanted something that I could give him..then I said... a bear hug when I see him..but he still wasn't satisfied..

The thing is we both like each other but we are just guetting to know each other Because I saw him as a friend at first..

So what in the world did he wanted..a kiss? Lol ..he never really told me tho..


Well thnks for the answers (:

But I have to make this clear we were TALKING iN THE PHONE.


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  • I think that he is not a good guy because if he wanted a kiss he would have made a move. Its a very cowardly way to say that he wants sex or someway sexually related. Seems pretty low and manipulative to me. He should want to spend time with you because he likes to not because he wants to get something sexual out of it. Seems like a prick who is trying to use you, get rid of him


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  • Yep. Pretty sure that's what he wanted/wants. But maybe he should have just stayed and kissed you? Is what I think he should have done:p

    So knowing he wants you, what do you want?

    • He wanted sex, not her.

    • i thought this isn't the case as dinodino707 is age: under 18. I just know when I was 16, I really was afraid and just didn't know how to say to a girl that a kiss would be the greatest thing in the world right now...

  • he meant a kiss,.. or a GF-BF relationship with u..


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