What's going on with him?

Sorry about the length of this but I really have to ask.

Before you read. I am 16 nearly 17 and he is 18 and he knows that I am a virgin and that I wouldn't do anything (except kissing) unless I was boyfriend/girlfriend (he has always known this-since we started talking)

There's this guy I started talking to him during the summer on holiday and he had a girlfriend who he had been going out with for 7 months but I knew that things weren't going well between them.

At the time I never thought about him as any more than a friend but when we came home I realised that I kinda liked him.

I told my friends and they said I should tell him so I decided to listen to them and I told him. He was perfectly straight with me - he told me that he thought I was good looking and easy to get on with nd stuff but he and his girlfriend were going through rough patch and even though he didn't think they were going to get back together he didn't want to lead me on.

A few weeks later he said that we could go out a drive if I wanted and of course as I liked him I went. Nothing happened between us while we were out we just sat and talked for a while as at this point he was still going out with his gf.

A month or do passed and although I was still talking to him regularly over msn and text he hadn't mentioned anything further about him and his girlfriend so I decided I would just ask him.

I text him and asked but he never replied. . . . A week or so later him and his girlfriend split up.

A few weeks after they had split up while I was staying at a friends house for the week over the holidays he came over and stayed the night. We ended up sleeping together on the couch all snuggled up. I wanted to know if anything was going on with us as he hadn't mentioned anything so I asked him and he said that he still thought the same about me as he had when I first told him I liked him but he just wasn't sure what he wanted but that we could go out a drive sometime. A week later we went out a drive. . . We sat for hours nd just talked and flirted and before he took me home he kissed me (my first kiss). The next day my friends told me that he had told them he didn't want to see me a while ago. . . I was so upset and didn't know what to do. . . He found out what they had told me and admitted to saying it but he said it was all a while ago and he wouldn't have kissed me or wanted to see me again if he didn't like me so I believed him and everything was okay again. The following weekend we went out another drive and it went really well. He asked me to go out again but I was busy the next 2 weekends so he said to tell him the weekends that he is free so I did. Now for nearly a week he has been acting weird. . . He hasn't been texting back and when he does he is taking ages and they don't seem like normal. . . .I asked him if everything was okay but he says it is but I don't think I believe him.

Please someone help. . . . Is he still interested? Because I really really like him and think I may be falling for him


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  • hm it sounds like he has an interest in you, but to what degree I can't really say. he did just get out of a relationship so it could be hard for him to get back in the game. he may also not want to use you as a rebound and is staying distant for that reason. you may want to make sure that he hasn't been talking to his ex or they may get back together. it really doesn't sound like that is what he is doing though. a week isn't that long of a time to be acting odd. that could be school, work , or any number of other things getting him down. try and give him some space. then if he doesn't start going for you after a while ask him strait up what he is up to. tell him you really like him but need to know if things have a chance or you should move on. talking would be best. good luck to you ask for more help if ya want : P


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  • Hmm this is a toughie. On the one hand, you like him. One the other hand, you're putting too much pressure on him since it was your first kiss and all.

    Here is what I would do in your situation. I would quit texting him, and call my friends telling them how sad I am, that I don't even want to talk to him. My friends would tell him that I'm really upset and that I don't even want to talk to him. I'll tell them that unless he does something nice/special/romantic or put some effort into making up for being mean to me, I won't take him back. He'll probably text or call, but I won't pick up. Then either he'll do something or he won't do something.

    Whatever you do, don't keep calling or messaging him, because you're making yourself look needy.

    You are going to be okay!

  • he left his girlfriend, and moved on so quickly !

    i think he wanted to forget her, and when you helped him, he just don't feel he wants you by his side any more!, I just guess it is so!

    or may be, he has some problems with his family, or his ex-girlfriend wants to be back !,

    I agree there is something wrong with him, for sure.

    just try to talk with him again, he might tell you what's wrong with him. And still there is nothing to lose. You didn't lose your virginity with him, and this sounds good.

  • Now I'm not saying this applies to all guys...but alot! If he is getting attention from you already he really doesn't need to bide for that attention. He can keep you hanging on while he is still "looking" whether it is be his old girlfriend or someone else. Life is too short to wait around for some guy to really notice you and want to be with you. If you are ready to have a relationship that is only based on what he wants and when, then ok. But that's no "bueno". Go out with your friends, with other guys, and enjoy. If he asks you out, ok ...go as friends and have fun! Don't let yourself worry about what he's thinking and does he want to be with you, etc. Make him remember you each time because of all the fun the two of you had. You have a lot of time to get serious with someone

  • If he told you everything is ok with you all, then believe him. He's probably being honest and just stressed with something else. Ex girlfriends can be kind of crazy sometimes. She might even be hurt -- maybe he feels bad about that.

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