Boys and there toys, advice?

My boyfriend has a thing for cars and when he gets a new one, he dispersers for 2 or 3 weeks. He still texts me but he gets so excited about it he goes on and on about what he's fixing, how he did it, what he will fix after and to be frank I'm tired of car talk. I get that when guys get a new toy they like to play with it! Guys help me out a little does this die down after a while or will it be this way always?


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  • Guys have the same chemical release in their brains when they fall in love, have sex, and go fast in cars. Try to look at it as a good thing. Instead of getting bored with you he will get bored with the toys and fall back into you.

    Let him be a guy. He will always be that way. Take the time he spends playing as time for you to do your own thing for a bit, like a little vacation in a way. He will find his way back as long as you don't become needy and complain.

    If you could choose, wouldn't you rather have your guy be into toys than other chicks? He needs let out of his 'cage' at times. Be grateful his escape is cars rather than strip clubs.

    • Thanks that calms me down a lot. You seem to know who that works and what not. Thank you for the wonderful and helpful answer! :D

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    • Habakkuk,

      When mentally processing girls vs toys you might take a different thought pattern but biologically, the same chemical is released in your brain. Researches have proven time after time that adrenaline is the 'love chemical.' It is released when you fall in love, see a pretty girl, and when you have a near death experience (i.e. go 200 mph in a car.) You might be having 2 completely different thoughts, but the SAME chemical is released. I am not saying you are thinking the same things.

    • I understand a little bit now. I'm still young and the more I know the easier it will be for me to let them be boys. :)

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  • well I try not to bore girls with my hobbies (computers and cars) because although they are very important to me, I know they don't know as much about either because they aren't interested. I can get very excited about such things, but if I want to spout stuff out, I do on forums or with friends with the same interest.

    • Okay here is another problem maybe you can solve... I like learning things about cars but its hard when I was not brought up with cars only horses, I know horse talk, he knows car talk... I want to learn more about cars but some times he talks about valves and valve springs a pistons I hardly know what these things do :S

    • you could ask him to tell you how an engine works. It's pretty fascinating once you learn the concept you have a sense of understanding about the whole thing. What kind of cars is he into? you could ask to ride in them or something

    • Muscle cars and such, I have ridden in one of his cars before and watched him tighten valves. I just don't want us to get bored of one another.

  • "The difference between men and boys is the size of their balls and the price of their toys" (anon)

  • It will be like that until after fatherhood then it will die down for awhile, then there is the midlife crisis where they turn back into the person they had to repress the entire time they were fathers with kids at home.

    • Oh gosh I forgot about the midlife crisis! do girls go through that too? :S

      I love that he loves what he does because its his own little hobbie and it gives both of use to breath and off doing our own thing, but it sucks when I want him close but I can't because I can't get a hold of him.

    • Women have menopause. Not fun, I don't want one of those.

  • Girls and THEIR spelling.

    • to be honest I have always been a horrible speller, So I'm sorry. But it still doesn't answer my question :)

    • It will most likely be always. It a part of him. You should just grin and bear it, it's like you talking to him about shoes. He doesn't care, but if he listens you appreciate it, right?

    • My gosh that is true... But I talk more about horses then I do about shoes, and he wants to learn how to ride. :S

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  • So I may be a bit tactless but when my boyfriend goes on repeat rants about something I will outright tell him "Babe I'm glad you are so interested in this but what you are talking about is lost on me." And he generally changes the topic or turns back to the computer and finishes telling it his story.

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