Will I hear from him again?

I have been seing a guy a couple months.. not just sex we both like each other. I was a bit moody today and I took it out on him. he said "wow... I'm gonna stop texting you now cause your going mental over nothing"

i said sorry and explaned why I was like that and he hasn't replied..

i leave next week and will be gone for 6 weeks.. he always said he would wait and we can get seriouse when I get back.

do you think he still will?


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  • Usually if you take out your emotions on a guy, it does sting for a good time. Guys need time to digest it. Because you explained why you were like that doesn't smooth things over because you took out your emotions on him when he didn't do anything to cause those emotions (I suppose). Have a conversation with him like you usually do before you took it out on him, show him that you're okay now and that things are still great between you two. As long as you smooth things over, he still will wait for you and consider getting serious. . . if a guy says that, he takes it to the heart (if you can rely on the guy's word that is). Wish the best for you. Tell me how it goes.

    • its OK now :)

      We work together not close I hardly see him but he also works for other offices (hes a electrition)

      and he says how hot the girls are and I ask if they are hotter than me and he said "i think ill stear clear of answering that"

      thats what fueled my anger this morning

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