Would any Asian/Chinese guy here date a white girl?

I always see white guy dating Asian/Chinese girls but never any Asian/Chinese guy dating a white girl. I find Asian guys extremely attractive and sweet and cute and would love to go out with one!:D thanks x


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  • well I'm not asian... in fact I'm probably as far away from Asian as possible. but I do have a lot of Asian frienda. and yes they would date a white girl. however, a big problem is their families. a lot of Asian families are tight knit and if their parents allow dating, the chances of them allowing them to date a nonasian girl are fairly slim.


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  • sure, but why would ypu want to date an Asian guy, they seem so plain and boring.

    • eh that's kind of mean. Not all Asian guys are plain and boring. What you just said was a bit racism, and what not. My brothers all play basketball, they all can fix cars and they all can play really good on certain video games, and they all have really high GPAs and are into IT, also most of my brothers are about 5'9 and 140 pounds... they're good looking. Not all Asians are plain and boring, just as not all "whatever race here" are "whatever stereotype here"

    • Im sure you have great brothers, but sterotypes exist for a reason. Most Asian guys are boring and plain; that is why asain girls prefer white guys over sain guys.

    • They're cute haha

  • the answer is yes,but its not easy to have interracial relationship trust me.

  • I'm asian. I've gone out on casual dates with numerous white girls and been in two serious relationships, both with white girls.

    I know I'm not the only one who has done that - I go to a university where the majority races are Asian and white, so I see as much AM/WF as WM/AF relationships.

    So yes, there are Asian guys who will definitely be interested in a white girl.


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