She doesn't text me anymore. What's going on? Ladies please help..

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for almost 6 months. We don't see each other every day. We go out once a week though. She lives about 20 minuets away from me. She lives in Long Beach and I in Anaheim. Every time we go out, I pick her up. Lately she has been texting, and calling me less and less, I always try to talk to her, text her. On Monday, she talked to me and told me that she hates the distance between us. Trying to be closer to her, I went to her school yesterday with my friend, to surprise her and try to do something to make her feel that I'm not that far away...

She doesn't text me in between her summer school class breaks anymore, and stops saying "i love you".

I have a bad feeling about what this means...

What's your opinion on what this is?

Please be gentle on this.


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  • I'll be gentle, I promise :)

    - You said you have a bad feeling about this.

    - She hates the distance between both of you.

    - She's cutting down on contacting you and appearing less "loving"

    Her feelings have dissipated, whether less or a lot. The distance, whether you like it or not, is taking a toll on her feelings towards you. Basic thing is distance pull people apart, feelings and emotions wise. Practically speaking, there's nothing much you can do to help this apart from scheduling for both of you to meet up more often and have more physical contact. However, do not put high hopes on this relationship working out. Be practical, and don't be desperate, even if it means both of you have to break up. I completely understand how you feel because I was in a similar situation and IT SUCKS. Sometimes we just have to come to terms that it's just not the right place/the right time. Have a think about it. But be psychologically and emotional prepared as I said. Stay strong.

    Feel free to type to me if you have anymore to say or ask about this situation. I'll be glad to help :)


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  • I think that she is either busy, or isn't into the relationship as much as she was before. That's because if she doesn't text you between breaks and doesn't say 'i love you' she's probably losing interest. Good luck.

    • Hi I agree with Monica94, I posted similar question yesterday, slightly different situation but basically due to lack of contact or in my case complete stop in contact. Try not to worry too much, if she's genuine its because she's busy and as time goes by & you get comfortable with your partner you don;t make as much effort as its not needed, you've been caught so the chase stops. Good luck hope it works OK fine 4u

    • You're right, she is busy.

      Narcissistic behavior...i guess I just need to chill.

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