No kisses and very little physical contact. How do I change this?

I've been on one official date with this guy and then another group outing we went to together. We've known each other for a couple of months and work together. He's the perfect gentleman and has admitted to being a little shy. So far, we have only hugged. We are going on another date Friday- is "third" time the charm for a kiss? If he doesn't make a move, should I? Is it appropriate to walk arm in arm? Also, if I wanted bring up the topic of past relationships and experience, how would I do that?


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  • I'd suggest start showing him signs that you really like him. Play with your hair, touch his hand, arm, ... every once and a while. Press your arms together to make your boobs stick out. Play with your legs. At the end of the date, take him to your door and look into his eyes intensly. If he doesn't kiss you then, he's a retard.

    It's definitly okay to walk arm in arm.

    and past relationships and experience is A BIG NO-NO right now. Keep it for when you're actually in a relationship.

    • Ok, yea- he's been my first date ever, so I'm kind of new and naive to the dos and donts lol We definitely know we like each other. He sent me texts after our date like "sweet dreams beautiful :-* If you dream, dream of me xoxo" He's just really shy and a gentleman, so I feel like he's taking things slow but I want him to know it's OK to move a bit faster since we both leave in a month

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  • I guess it depends what kind of guy he is. But if he is just shy, he may really be glad if you gradually take a little bit of the lead in increasing the touching. A lot of times in that situation the guy is just afraid of offending you and needs clear signs that it's definitely OK. And if he is really afraid he may not want to take any risk of hurting you or looking bad. So in that case, I think it's reasonable to go a little beyond hinting and just make it very clear you are OK with it.

  • In that case, follow the tips I gave you. He might miss the other signs, but if you touch his hand/arm a couple of times he should notice.

    And if he doesn't kiss you at the end, speak your mind. Say you like spending time with him, and you like that he's a gentleman not trying to push you, but you would like things to get a bit more physical. It's highly unlikely that if he doesn't like you he'll respond negatively.


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