I think I like him, but I don't really know what his thoughts are after that comment he made.

This guy I have been hanging out with on and off. Anyways, sometimes I tend to say things that would push his buttons and then I would try to make nice and smooth things out. This one time we were in a heated discussion and he said "you really build my tolerance." Then I got kinda offended and asked, "Why do you hang out with me then?" And he said, "Because you kept texting me."

(keep in mind that the he was asking me to hang out almost every other day the week before and said he wanted to hang out with me because I was always happy and fun to be around. And the only reason I kept texting him to hang out was because I thought he was mad at me so I was just try to make nice) The thing is I think I like him, but I don't really know what his thoughts are after that comment he made.

ps. should I send him a message and apologize? I was drunk so this is when this all occurred.


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  • mmm yeah, it sounds like you know how to press his buttons. There's no better way to lose a guy then to not ONLY annoy him, but getting on his nerves alot.

    Sounds to me he could still care about you and all. But one day he could just get fed up with all of it and lose interest.

    • should I send him a text and say I'm sorry for being so rude and I didn't mean it? it was just all alcohol talk..

    • it really depends on the convo, you shouldn't appologize if one isn't necessary.

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  • Its hard to tell how he's feeling about the situation especially since no one is in his head except him. My suggestion is to not initiate conversations with him. Let him text you. Don't ask to hang out unless he asks you. If you can't make the plans then oh well, let him come up with another time. His remark wasn't right to say to you and was pretty rude. It sounds like he's not that into hanging out with you as much as you would like. The best thing to do is to let it all cool down and see how he reacts. If he keeps asking to hang out and texts you then that's a good sign.

    • should I send him a message and apologize?

    • For what? You did absolutely nothing wrong. You felt offended and voiced your opinion. You stood up for yourself. You have no reason to apologize. If he cares then he'll show you attention but don't stand at his feet trying to be perfect for him regardless if you like him or not. You deserve attention as well.

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