Going on a date - I need tips and pointers fast!

for starters how can I get rid of my acne and blackheads fast my date is this Friday and what do I wear we are going minigolfing. and also is it weird he has a kid and is in his 20s and I'm 18? and how do I try not to be shy? Because I'm really shy person HELP!


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  • you can wear casual cute clothes!like do you have any really fashonable yet cute tanks?and shorts too maybe(I like buckle shorts).cause its probly hot out.and you can like make your hair curly or straighten it.wear a little bit of mascara,eyeliner and that's really all you need to look your best!(unless you need coverup).as for being more outgoing,you have to be confident!i used to be shy until I became more confident and made a lot more friends off of that.but ya gotta just "let goo" and be yourself!im telling you, what's the pooint of being in a relationship where you can't be yourself?talk to him a lot and be funny!loosen up,and enjoy the date!hope it works!oh and thts not that big a difference,lol I know a 16 year old dating a 23 year old so you're fine...

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