Too much text-bombing? What went wrong with this?

Last night, I was texting my boyfriend. He said that we'd meet up the following morning and hang out.. well, the following morning came and went. He didn't even text me and still hasn't. It's now the night after this happened and still no word.. I'm afraid maybe me texting him goodnight and then the first to say goodmorning was too much text-bombing? Any ideas?


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  • If this is something you generally do together, I don't see a problem. Maybe he forgot(which is bad anyway) but give him a friendly-call, change things up; but don't over do it. See what's wrong. You have waited a lot.

    • Thanks. He still hasn't responded.

    • Any friends of his, to know nothing really bad happened?

    • I have no idea. I don't talk to his friends or anything.

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