I can't get over him?

My first boyfriend and I went out for a week then he broke up with me over text. I never see him cause its summer, but I am thinking of him 24/7. I wanted him to be my first kiss... I really really liked him and whenever we hung out, I had so much fun. I keep seeing pictures of him on Facebook, and he seems to get cuter and cuter /:. everyone says he's a jerk and not good for dating. he is crazy and extremely weird but that's what made me like him so much. But when we dated he would always flirt with the other girls majorly and hang out with them and even pull them into closets and stuff... but I still really like him and can't get him off my mind. help?

It's been about a month since he broke up with me.


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  • It's honestly just like, a mentality you have to reach. Set it as a goal to get over him. I know how you feel, I dated a guy for 3 weeks and he dumped me. It took me 6 months to decide to get over him, even after he had another girlfriend and flirted countlessly with other girls. It was after I wrote the most pathetic song and poems that I realized, I'm wasting my time, put it away in your mind, just lose hope in that relationship. But I am holding onto like a rope in my mind that has the hope still on it, so if I even have a feeling he may like me again I can try to pull myself back and see if it may work. I personally started feeling dumber and dumber for liking him for so long when he was over me. I mean I did tell him countless times that I still had feelings for him as well.

  • you need to find someone neww! thiss guy's not worth it! I dnt even know him but what you've said makes me think what all your friends think he's no good for dating. I'm sorry but you really need to start liking someone else

    • I know, I reeeeally WANT to start liking someone else! I just want to get over him! but because he's my first boyfriend and all... he was really special. You have noooo idea how badly I want to be over him. It sucks. /:

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    • My friends are definitley helping me a lot (: and the good thing is, he's going to a different school than me next year! So I'm excited about that <3

    • thats good(: lol now you can be single! you can flirt with whoever you want! your not tied down in a relationship(: