Who would you choose?

if you only had these choices, who would you choose?

for the girls:

A: a shy and mysterious guy

B: a dark and mysterious guy

for the guys:

A: a shy, secretly sexual girl

B: an outgoing, sexual girl

i'd add more choices but they wouldn't fit in the poll...

i'd choose girl A.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Lol so not a single guy likes outgoing girls?

    • the relate them with sluts I guess.

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    • I'm an outgoing guy myself but I like girls who are the same way! Gives me a break from initiating everything and most men want that but feel like they'er image might be hurt if they let the female initiate(all guys would really love that) but trust me, that's only the men who are overly concerned about who they are viewed by society a little too much. For us guys who let go of that idea, your hot as a bond fire.

    • MOST, the great majority of guys, would like that, yes.

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