She's always too busy to hang out?

I met the girl at school about a year ago. We actually only started talking because her friend was real into me, so she took it upon herself too walk up and tell me. Anyways I wasn't interested in her friend but I was def intrested in the messenger. So that all got potrayed to her and her friend a little later. Okay so fast forward about 11 months ahead. The girl I liked admitted she liked me and asked if we were actually going to hang out. I'm like sure if your ever not doing something blah blah. (this was done over text) so anyways for the past two weeks I've asked if she can hang out.. Alot. But she always says she's to "busy". she does have tennis everyday except Sunday, but the last time I asked her to hang out (on Sunday the one days she's not busy) she didn't even respond. The other thing that gets me is if she's as busy as she says she is, why is she on Facebook 24/7?.. So what should I do, just drop it? I can't tell if she's just too shy to hang out or what..? Any help would be awesome I am about as confused as it gets.
She's always too busy to hang out?
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