Tips to make first date... date-ish?

I'm going on a first date with a guy I have been friends with for a while but never really hung out with one on one. How can I help with transitioning this hangout into more the date-ish feeling?


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  • Dress nice and allow him to sweep you off your feet..

    But Really.. There the same thing.. Just be your self.. If youve been friends for a while.. He already knows you.. So don't act any diffrent..

    But I have to wonder.. You said youve hung out befor.. But never one on one..

    Maybe this is his way to see if you like him.. I mean if I liked a girl and she never hung out alone with me.. Like if she always has a friend with her.. Id wonder if she acually liked me.. So id ask her on a date.. Just to see if shed go.. But again hanging out.. And a date.. Really are basicly the same thing.. Well except he might try to hold your hand..


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