Should I see him again?

So I've known this guy since the day I was born, and we grew up together up until I moved away. I haven't been in close contact with him for almost ten years. I remember then I had a goofy little school girl crush on him, but you know how that is. So out of the blue him and his mom (our mom's are like best friends) asked to come hang out, and they came over for a few hours the other day. He was so sweet and talkative, and I was stunned at how handsome he has become. He actually texted me about seeing me again. I kinda like him, but I don't want to let myself get carried away. I'm leaving for school in another state in a couple weeks, and probably won't see him again for months. Should I get together with him, or what?


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  • In a couple of weeks? I'd hate to say it, but I think hanging out is the only good thing right now. Having a long distance relationship is rough, I know from experience. I'd say, be friends and find out more info about his life and what he wants. Maybe y'all can work something out if in the near future you two do end up dating. If you like him, you like him (I always say, "you can't help who you fall for") if you end up giving him hints that you like him still, then it will be harder to be far away from him because then you'd want to be around him more than you would probably be able to. Whichever you choose, Good luck girl!

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