Guys, why would you text her briefly, then just quit replying?

My ex and I have been broken up about 2 months now. It wasn't an easy breakup, and there were a lot of tears and anger. We have tried to somewhat be friends. He will text me occasionally, but after a few text he just quits replying. And the little we do talk its the same conversation every time. It is basically what am I doing and who am I with, then he drops off of the radar. THis behavior is really confusing, and I'm not sure what it means and what I am supposed to do about it? Guys, I could really use some insight on this.


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  • Ignore it! if you're trying to get him back and regret the break up, the best thing to do is move on with your life and completely ignore these occasional texts that don't really have a purpose. men like the chase and want things they can't have - if you respond, he feels he still has some sort of importance in your life - that you're still "his" and that kills the chase. you can't engage him. he has to realize you are gone, and have moved on. maybe he'll come begging back. but I don't get the sense that's what is happening here... if you are not interested in getting back together, then there is no reason to respond - it seems to be holding you back, emotionally...enough to post here about it. I dated a guy once and when we stopped seeing each other, he would always text me whenever he got into a huge fight with his girlfriend or when he broke up to make sure I was still there for pump his ego up. it didn't mean anything. imo many men only realize what they had and what it means to them when it dawns on them that they have lost it.

    • Thank you. He did beg for a second chance when we first broke up. We tried that briefly, but his temper and controlling nature became a problem. So he recently came by to tell me that he was completely over me and he had moved on. He said it over and over...I just simply said "ok.". That is when the random text started.

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  • its obivious he's only making sure you haven't moved on that you are still interested in him. I wouldn't be surprised if he called you nasty names if you mentioned a new boy. you should either not reply to his texts or tell him who you hangout with or what you get up to is my own business then change the subject.


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  • he's just keeping tabs on you, the minimal contact is a gateway for him to enter when his relationships with other girls don't work or he's lonely or needs his ego feeding. truth of the matter is friendships after relationships are rarely genuine and usually one of the couple has an alteria motive. My ex always used to contact me randomly, however his texts would say he missed me whatever and I would start thinking about him again and undo my progress.

    I suggest that you do not read too much into this, as if you really wanted you back he would try way harder than random contact, just move on and improve your life as best you can, and you'll gain so much happiness from that and its good to show an ex our lives can be better without them.

    when he texts reply, be polite but don't ask loads of questions and you end the conversation, ball is is in your court his head is spinning, be strong and good luck

  • I say...don't reply at all. If you continue to have these shallow "how ya been " are running in place. Instead...the next time he texts ignore it. Ignore the second one as well. Ignore his texts until he grows a pair and actually CALLS you. Might or might not happen...depends on what HIS motives are. But then you'll have your answer, and will have gained some control back.