French Kissing?

I have French kissed before but I am scared to do it again because I don't want to mess up. What do I do?


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  • If you don't foam at the mouth, choke him with your tongue, or bite him, you can't mess this up.


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  • well you should have confidence in doing it its the only way to get beetter. you just have to adapt to the person ur kissin and kiss like them that's all its not how you do it. because if you do what there doing they will like it because its what they want

  • hey so whoever started the french kiss should take the lead next time so if your boyfriend took the lead let him by intitiating the tongue and when he does just slowly caress it smoothely and return the favor when you go in for another one. if initiated the french kissing last time I advise you to do it again because most guys think of it as a huge turn on and he'll like it. try reducing the space between you two when you start closed mouth kissing and when ther'es more pressure between your lips bring the tongue out again and continue from there.

  • You ARE kidding right?

    There is no WRONG way to French kiss. Just go slow and be soft and sensual. It will all come naturally.

    Good luck.

    • there is :) you can forget to open your moulth and his tongue hits your teeth lol

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